About us

Nautipunk is a place where retro meets futuristic and where the industrial steam-powered era and the world of all things nautical come together! Dive into everything nautical; and equip yourself with navigation, sailor, and maritime collectibles. We welcome you to our world...a world of fun, quirky and truly unique! You haven't seen anything like it!

Husband and wife team founded Nautipunk because they both share a love for all things nautical and steampunk.

Didry, born and educated in the Philippines, is no stranger to the business world, having run a successful online chocolate business and internet café overseas. Emboldened with her success, Didry travelled the world before meeting Brian. They later married and Brian brought her home to settle in Australia.

Brian, as a child, developed an interest towards walking sticks after seeing his great grandfather whittle plum tree branches into good quality walking sticks.

COVID-19, lockdowns and restrictions soon had Brian with a lot of free time he decided to embark on new interests; starting out with decorating hats and further assisting in Didry's online business.

Today, Nautipunk is home to a large collection of steampunk hats courtesy of Brian's handiwork, passion and imagination.